The 147 Club in Felixstowe is a members only establishment, but don’t worry, it’s easy to apply. Simply complete and submit your details below and when you make your first visit, we’ll ask to take your photograph, check your PHOTO ID and ask for your signature to confirm you accept our club rules and terms and conditions.

    Please note that membership will be validated on your first visit to the club.
  • Full memberships are only payable once. You just have to review your details on the 1st of April each year to keep your membership valid.

    Please select which membership you are applying for and complete your details below. Everyone who uses any club facilities will require a membership. "Family Amusements Ltd" will hold the data provided in relation to the administration of your membership. We will also use it to communicate offers and promotions for the 147 Club. Your information will never be passed on or sold to third parties. By submitting this application, you agree to these terms.

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Club Rules

  1. The name of the Club: The 147 Club, Sea Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 2DH.


  1. The objects of the Club shall be the provision of opportunities for recreation, social intercourse and refreshments for the benefit of its members.


  1. The Club shall be a proprietary Club of which Family Amusements Ltd is the Proprietor. All memberships and other payments by members to the Club become the property of the Proprietor who in turn shall be wholly responsible for the provision of the Club premises and all things necessary for carrying on the Club, and shall have entire control of income and expenditure.


  1. (a) The Proprietor shall have control of all matters relating to the management of the Club.

(b) Subject to 4(a) above, the management of the Club and the members’ interests shall be supervised by the Club Committee, not less than three members of which shall be elected annually.


  1. (a) No alcohol or other article for sale of which a licence is required shall be supplied except to members on Club premises, or to members of affiliated Snooker Clubs visiting the Club or to the private friends of members of the Club or affiliated bone fide entertained by them or persons employed at The 147 Club nor shall they be sold to any person who is not a member of the Club or of an affiliated Snooker Club or person employed at The 147 Club.

(b) No alcohol shall be supplied for consumption off the premises.




  1. (a) OPENING HOURS: The Club shall be open for members between the hours of 00 am till late.

The hours of opening and closing may be varied, extended or curtailed at the discretion of the Proprietor on any occasion or occasions.

(b) PERMITTED HOURS: The supply of alcohol to members shall be permitted only during the licensing hours prevailing in the Licensing District of East Suffolk and fixed by the Licensing Officer.  These hours may be extended on any special occasion if sanctioned by the Officer.



  1. (a) The Annual General Meeting of members shall be held in August each year on a date fixed by the Proprietor, to transact such business as is required to be transacted in pursuance of these rules.

(b) The Proprietor may also at any time summon a Special General Meeting should he consider it expedient.



  1. (a) Notice of any General Meeting of the Club shall be considered to have been duly given if posted on the notice board on the Club fourteen days prior to such meeting.




  1. (a) A meeting of the Club Committee shall be held every six months.

(b) Notice of intended meetings shall be given by seven days previous written notice thereof exhibited in the Club premises.

(c) The meeting shall be chaired by the Proprietor “or a representative of the company” or the General Manager in their absence.


  1. The prepayment of a membership fee or the complimentary issue of membership shall be deemed to constitute a contract between the said member and the Club, an essential condition of which contract is the absolute acceptance of the Rules contained herein.


  1. (a) Every full member shall be entitled to a Membership Card and shall carry that card with them whilst visiting the club.

(b) Lost cards must be reported to the Club immediately, a fee of £10.00 is payable to issue a replacement card.

(c) Membership Cards are not transferable.


  1. (a) Applications for full or temporary membership shall be made on the clubs application form and all information requested adhered to.

(b) Persons shall be eligible for full membership provided they are 18 years of age.

(c) Junior Members have to be between 14-17 years of age.

(i) Junior Members can only be proposed by an adult and confirmed by senior management of the Club

(ii) Junior Members will not be allowed to purchase or consume alcohol on the premises, nor use the gaming machines.

(iii) Junior Members will not be allowed to sign any other person under the age of 18 into the Club.

(iv) Junior Members must obey any Club rules or the Membership will be withdrawn.

(v) Junior Members must vacate the premises by 10.00 pm or when Management request without notice.

(vi) Children between the age of 10-13 years are not entitled to become a junior member.



  1. (a)The cost of full membership is shown on the current membership form. Memberships are only payable once, you are required to review your details between January and April each year to keep your membership active.

(b)Everyone who uses any of the club facilities will require a membership, whether full, temporary or day guest.

(c)If you do not review your full membership on the stated date and let your membership lapse and wish to rejoin a further membership fee will be due.

(d) Once Junior Members become 18 years old they have to pay the fee of an Adult Member to become a full member of the Club.

(e) All membership fees are non refundable and the membership card remains the property of the Club.

(f) Temporary Members fees will be payable as stated on the membership form.



  1. (a) The Proprietor shall have the power to expel any member who offends against the Rules of the Club, or whose conduct in their opinion renders them unfit for membership of the Club.

(b) The Management as appointed by the Proprietor shall have the power to expel any member who offends against the Rules of the Club or whose conduct in their opinion renders them unfit for attendance at the Club.

(c) All Guests under the age of 18 must vacate the premises by 10.00 pm or when asked by order of Management without notice.

(d)You must be over 14yrs old to play on any of the tables in the club. Unless Authorised by Proprietary beforehand.




  1. A Member may resign from the Club at any time by letter addressed to the Mangement.



  1. Members may introduce guests to the Club upon the following conditions:

(a)Not more than four guests may be introduced on one occasion.

(b)The Full Name and phone number of all guests must be entered in the visitors’ book kept in the reception area together with the name of the member introducing them.

(c)Guests must pay a Guest Fee of £3.00 on each visit to the Club.

(d)The Member shall be responsible for the conduct of their Guest(s).

(e)Guests must leave the Club at the same time as their host.

(f)A Member shall not at any time introduce any Guest who has been expelled from the Club.

(g)No Guest may be admitted to the Club on more than three occasions in one calendar month.

(h)Persons other than members can attend private functions held by a member.

(i) Members bringing Children into the club as guests are responsible for their behaviour and are asked to keep them under control.  All Guests aged 10-13 years must vacate the premises by 7pm.

(j) Members bringing Junior’s into the club as guests are responsible for their behaviour.  All Guests aged 14-17 years must vacate the premises by 10pm.

(k) You must be over 14yrs old to play on any of the tables in the club. Unless Authorised by Proprietary beforehand.

(l)No one under 10yrs old is allowed into the premises. Unless authorised by management.

(m) Each member is entitled to 4 guests at a £1 per guest fee, on each visit.

(n) Any Children (aged between 10-13 years) must be accompanied by an adult (Parent or Guardian) at all times



  1. Only food or drink purchased in the club may be consumed on the premises. No alcohol or excisable articles may be sent out of the Club by or for the use of any member.





  1. Gaming machines will be made available to play for full and temporary members and guests who are 18 years of age and over. Abuse of this rule will result in termination of membership.



  1. All suggestions and complaints should be made in writing to the Proprietor.



  1. (a) These rules may be varied by the Proprietor at any time and without notice.




  1. Members are requested to notify the Proprietor in writing of any change in any contact details.